Wireless Chargers

You would be hard pressed to find a patron these days who does not carry a mobile phone. Casino Consoles have been supplying USB charging ports into gaming machines for a while now however, the major drawback is that very few patrons carry charging cords with them when they go out.

Taking convenience to the next level, Casino Consoles are now supplying Wireless Chargers that can be directly embedded into any flat surface with sufficient space to accommodate the charger; allowing for worry free charging for both your patrons and staff members. The QI Charging technology allows for phones to be charged with no exposed leads or cables by simply placing your phone on the charging surface.

For the past two years phone technology has already evolved to wireless charging and moving forward all new phones will be released with this capability therefore appealing to most patrons.

If you want to increase the appeal of your gaming room, restaurant, office space or bar and are after a sleek and convenient solution to phone charging, please contact us for further information.

FAQ’s – Wireless Chargers